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Aaron's Ark Mobile Veterinary Clinics  

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Animal Hospital Phoenix

 It's Easy 

To avoid traumatic trips to a veterinary hospital environment.


A mobile vet clinic at your door with personalized, professional veterinary services.


An  experienced veterinarian & nurse with individual care for each pet, quick turnaround on diagnostic tests, understandable explanations.


More "one on one" time with a highly trained Vet and their technician. No noises, distractions, or other pets.


Bedside Manner is not a thing of the past for our veterinary doctors !


Kind and considerate individual attention from your veterinarian and TLC for your pet.

     Our Doctors are involved in EVERY dentistry unlike most clinics where dentistry  and other minor procedures are performed and monitored by only a single technician!
    We would never do it this way for our own pets so we won't for yours...nothing but the best with continual close monitoring by a vet and nurse.



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    Scottsdale Animal Clinic


     At Home Diabetic Monitoring:  

    For less stress and more accurate blood glucose/ fructosamine testing and regulating our vet will come inside to draw the blood sample in the security and comfort of your home.


     On Site Painless Declawing:  

    Check our testimonials!!  Our favorite technique involves the individual suturing of toes with superior pain control and allows our patients to recover at home ... no crying/limping, no hospitalization, and no special litter box needs.  Our technique maintains the usage of the flexor tendons and prevents flat footedness and arthritic toes later in life!!! We also offer traditional claw amputation surgery frequently done at other hospitals with either scalpel or laser incisions. However, this type of disarticulation/amputation declawing is more difficult for the patient, requires a longer recovery, and may leave the pet flat footed and arthritic later in life.

     At Home Cancer Chemotherapy: 

    For individual and private compassionate care.  We provide the exact same chemotherapy protocols for 1/3rd the price.  Dr. Townsley has years of experience with chemotherapy.                                    

    On Site Dentistry and Oral Surgery:  

    Our safe and gentle state of the art anesthesia protocol allows even our oldest, geriatric patients to walk back in the house after their dental procedure.  Advanced monitoring (EKG, pulse oximetry,respiratory temperature, heart, blood pressure)  I.V. fluids and continual undistracted attention by the veterinary Dr. and nurse makes for the safest environment and anesthesia possible.  

    It's More Than Just a House Call
    &  it's not just a mobile veterinary clinic
    It is complete
    Convenient, Compassionate Care
    At Your Door

    Our Pledge To You Is To:

    ALL pets are personally attended to by a highly experienced doctor and a veterinary technician.

    No Large Clinic Distractions
    No Other Pets Present

    Your On-site Veterinary Clinic in the Phoenix Area

    Welcome to Aaron’s Ark Mobile Veterinary Clinics where we do more than just make convenient house calls—we bring convenient, complete, and compassionate veterinary care right to your door. Whatever your veterinary needs, including home pet euthanasia, when you need a Phoenix vet or a Scottsdale animal clinic, there is no need for you to have to try to load your pet in the car and make the trek to a veterinary clinic, only to turn around and have to do it all over again in order to return home. Rather, Aaron’s Ark is fully licensed and able to perform everything from routine exams to minor surgeries, x-rays, and animal dentistry.

    When You Need a Veterinarian in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Beyond:

    Another great advantage of having a Scottsdale vet clinic that can come right to your door or a Phoenix veterinary clinic that you don’t have to drive across town to get to is that if your pet has had to be anesthetized for any dental or surgical procedure, your pet can come out of the anesthesia in the comfort of familiar surroundings. And, if your pet should need a more major surgery or hospitalization, Aaron’s Ark has two fully equipped hospital base facilities that can meet all of your veterinary needs: an animal hospital in Scottsdale and another to serve the Phoenix area should the need arise.

    The Phoenix Mobile Veterinary Hospital

    The advantages of mobile vets in the Phoenix area are numerous. Among them is the fact that your pet is not exposed to the possibility of contracting some other illness, disease, or condition while exposed to other animals at the animal clinic. Your pet will receive individualized one-on-one attention from the Phoenix vet from Aaron’s Ark without ever being exposed to other animals. In addition, although almost all vets require pets to be crated or leashed, there is still the possibility that your animal could come into contact with a vicious animal while at a Scottsdale vet hospital or with vets in Phoenix. However, with Aaron’s Ark, that risk is completely eliminated as your pet is the only pet being seen by the vet at that time.

    Then, of course, there are the added advantages and conveniences that come with having your vet travel directly to you at your home or office, and scheduling an appointment is as hassle and stress-free as possible. You get the advantage of not having to travel in the car, which can be stressful to many pets, and your pet benefits from the individualized attention of an experienced Scottsdale vet and a highly trained technician.

    Among the services that can be performed in an Aaron’s Ark Mobile Clinic:

    • Exams
    • Vaccines
    • Dental Care
    • Oral Surgery
    • De-worming
    • Heartworm Prevention
    • Microchip Insertion
    • X-rays
    • EKGs
    • Ultrasound
    • Declaw
    • Spay/Neuter
    • At Home Euthanasia
    • … and more

    Contact Aaron’s Ark When You Need a Scottsdale Veterinarian or an Animal Hospital in Phoenix

    To learn more about the incredible advantages of mobile veterinarian visits or to schedule an appointment for your pet, you can fill out the convenient online form to have a representative from Aaron’s Ark Mobile Veterinary Clinic contact you. Or, if you prefer, you can call 602.510.9596 if you live west of Cave Creek or 480.510.1000 if you live east of Cave Creek. To leave a message or inquire about prescriptions, please call 480.368.0740 and Aaron’s Ark will contact you as soon as possible.

    ALL of our patients get individual attention from a doctor with years of experience and a staff technician.


     Phoenix Veterinary Hospital     


     Complete Veterinary House Calls

    Vaccinations - Exams - Multiple Pet Discounts -Treatment - Health Certificates - 
    Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Dermatology & Allergy , Euthanasia 
    De-wormings,heartworm prevention,ear diseases
    Microchip ID. -  EKG's - X-rays - Ultrasound - 
    Painless Declaws - Spay / Neuter - Soft tissue, major abdominal & orthopedic surgery  
    On-site male cat neutering & male dog neutering
    Geriatric Care - Cancer Surgery & Chemotherapy - At home Euthanasia (painless and private care at the time time of parting)

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