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Compassionate and professional teams of mobile and house-call veterinarians dedicated to caring for you and your pet, at your doorstep!

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A Stress-Free, Modern Solution

For You and Your Pets

Is your pet anxious or fearful at the vet’s office? Does your cat hide under the bed every time you bring out their carrier? Does taking more than one pet to the vet at the same time prevent you from seeking veterinary care? Or, are you tired of sitting in a veterinary clinic for hours just to have 15 minutes with your vet? If so, we just might be the perfect fit for your veterinary needs.

Full Service, Home Veterinary Care

That Exceeds Your Expectations

Here at Valet Vet, we are striving to completely change the veterinary visit experience, one pet family at a time. When you call on one of our highly skilled and compassionate veterinarian teams to come to you, you can rest assured that your pet will be receiving the highest level of veterinary care in the comfort and safety of your home. Here at Valet Vet, we make every effort to exceed the level of care and professionalism you as a pet parent have always wanted, but without the frustrations that can often come from visiting the vet’s office.


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Fear Free Commitment 

Low-Stress Handling 

Our veterinarians and staff are committed to ensuring your pet has a low-stress veterinary visit. Our staff members are trained in specific techniques that help our fur patients feel safe. Our teams will go the extra mile to ensure all the patients in our care that struggle with anxiety and fear are given the veterinary care they need in a way that is safe and promotes a fear-free experience. 

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